Monday, July 8, 2013

Can we play school?

Payton loves school and always wants to play "school".  So this morning we read, learned how to recognize "A" and "B", the sound they make, and how to write those letters.  Since Lincoln really has no interest in learning his letters and numbers we have to get really creative in getting him to participate.  When you ask him, "What letter is this?"  He looks at you with this adorable and confused look and says, "What?" or "What number is that again?"  His teachers are going to have their hands full.  Haha!

To get him to trying writing the letters we rolled out a big sheet of butcher paper and handed out markers.  The instructions were to only write on the all fairness Austin was on the paper...

For letter and sound recognition we put "A" on one box and a "B" on another and took turns throwing bean bags into the box that had a certain letter on it or that had a letter that sounded like "?".  When they got tired to that we took it outside and put and "A" on a little plastic chair and then put a "B" on the other and had them shoot at the chair with the letter that matched the question we were asking. 

It is scary how good Lincoln is at shooting his bow and arrow ("A" for arrow and "B" for bow).  ;O)

After prayers and before the kids got into bed they started doing summersaults and all kinds of crazy "tricks".  I decided to show them how to stand on their heads.  It was pretty comical, they were falling all over the place.  I did manage to snap a couple of photos of them standing on their heads supported by the couch.  Cutie pies!

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