Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have been reading the 5 Love Languages: Children's Edition and it has been a real eye opener.  It has opened my eyes to how I can better show love to my kids.  Which is awesome!  However, in reading about the different love languages I have also become very conscious of what I say, how I say it, and what my body language is like when I am saying it.  Yikes!  It is very overwhelming.

Anyway, today I was reading about the Love Language, Acts of Service.  It was talking about how it is good for children to be independent and to learn to do things on their own but that it is also important to be there to help when asked.  Not only to just help but to do so happily and not begrudgingly.  And that by helping your child you aren't preventing them from becoming independent  or responsible but your are filling their love tank.  I hope that makes sense.

It made me think of all the times Lincoln asks for help doing something that I know he can do on his own because he usually does them every day.  It could be anything, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, picking up the plate of food that he dropped all over the floor...  More often that not I get annoyed when he asks for help with things I know he can do and should be doing on his own.  Depending on the day I may or may not help and if I do help I act just how I feel, annoyed.  Ick.

The book talks about how it is important to love your children in all the love languages.  It is hard to figure out what a child's primary love language is when they are young and you want to ensure their love tanks are full.  So they said by providing these kind of acts of service you will also be getting points with the love language of quality time. 

As you can tell the gym was a place of deep reflection today. :o)

When I got home from the gym I thought instead of me making breakfast for the kids I would have them make their own, with my help.  I have to admit it was fun watching them.  They were so excited to be doing things on their own and for themselves.  There was a lot of giggling.

Yay Momma!  You hit Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Quality Time all in one.  Love tanks full, check!

I was excited to capture these gems today.  I usually get great facial expressions from Lincoln but today Payton stepped up to the plate and served me these beauties.  Enjoy!

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