Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alligators and Homework

Last night we got a package in the mail with the party favors for Lincoln's Birthday Party this Friday.  When I showed the favors to him this morning he snatched them all up and keep them until he left for school.  I hope they are as big a hit with the other kids.  :o)

More often than not, Payton's homework includes some kind of math game that she can play by herself or it can be a family thing.  Today it was a brother and sister thing.  They played this game for at least an hour while I was folding laundry from across the table.

The game was called Free The Penguins.  You place a "penguin" on each spot.  Each spot has a number.  Then you roll the dice.  Whatever number you roll, the penguin on the corresponding spot is freed and you play until all your penguins are free.  In addition, each time you roll a number you put a tally mark on the spot with the same number so that when you are done you can see what number you rolled the most, the least, and so forth. 

It was so fun watching them.

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