Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snap Circuts

Today started EARLY.  Lincoln was up at the crack of dawn and wanting to play with all of his birthday presents starting with his Super Hero Legos.  Haha!  He even convinced Payton to help him with it when everyone was home from school.  They ALMOST finished.  They said they were done and when I looked over there were still several Legos on the table so I am sure they skipped a few steps and were not interested in going to back to find out what those steps were.  :o)


So after they were finished with the Legos Lincoln insisted on playing with his Snap Circuts and wanted to start with what was shown on the box.  Blink. Blink. I suggested starting with project #1 so that mommy could try and figure out what we were to do before getting into any complex projects.

The first one was basically making a circuit that would turn a light on and off when the switch was flipped.

The second was similar but instead of turning on a light it turned on a motor that spun a little fan and to everyone's surprise when the motor was turned off the fan would fly up off the motor.  It was so funny watching their expressions as they watched the fan fly off over and over again.  Even funnier was watching their expression while trying to catch the fan on the way back down.  Turns?  Turns?  Who needs to take turns?


By the time they were done playing with the Snap Circuts Austin was beside himself wanting to play with someone.  It has been so hard getting everything ready for Lincoln's Birthday Party.  I have been trying to involve them as much as I can but there is only so much cupcake decorating a 17 month old can do.  :o)
Anyway, I suggested going out to the atrium and playing with the balls and going down the slide.  They did and I went on with my food preparation for tomorrow.  All of a sudden I hear the cutest sound, Payton was doing something and Austin just thought it was the most hilarious thing.  I tried to catch a picture without them noticing but Lincoln kind of jumped in the way.  Dave said it was still cute so I am including it anyway.

Love these guys.  Can't wait for Lincoln's Party tomorrow.  :o)

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