Monday, January 13, 2014

Party Planning Helpers

Today we put together the food labels and cupcake toppers for Lincoln's party.  And I did not have a shortage of helpers the entire time.  Haha! 

It seems every time I pull out my Silhouette, Lincoln appears out of nowhere asking if he can help.  And let's not forget about Austin, he HAS to be in the middle of EVERYTHING.

Lincoln has been set on having an Alligator Party for a few months now.  An Alligator Party?  Really?  No Super Heroes?  OK, So what does one do for or at an Alligator Party?  You will just have to wait and see my post for Friday.  :o)

At one point, there was a stretch of time that they just had to sit and wait for me to get things together so that they could help me again.  Lincoln has been begging to blow up some of the "gabloons" we bought for the party ever since we bought them last Saturday.  I decided this would be the perfect time to let them each blow up one so that they would be entertained until I was ready for them again. 
Kids and balloons are hilarious.  They were both so fascinated with the balloon pump and just HAD to blow up their own balloons.  In fact, I think that is the main reason that they wanted to blow up the balloons in the first place.  Anyway, after each giving it a fair try they turned to pumping over to mommy.
I love the picture I caught of Lincoln trying to keep his balloon of the ground.  He looks so happy.


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