Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Big Dora Adventure

Dave is such a great daddy!  He took Payton and her cousin Ethan on a "Big Dora Adventure" this afternoon.  They started by going down the Slipery Hill.

Through the Quiet Forest.

To get the the Big Meadow.

They had a great time!  Dave made the trail himself with snow shoes.  He was pretty tired when we got back.  I got to follow on the path he already made. :o)

When we got back from their "adventure" I went inside to warm up and they stayed outside and built snowmen.  Four of them to be exact.   Payton even had names for each of them.  None of which I remember except for the one that is very boxy, he is Sponge Bob... 

Payton is so funny, when she really wants to do something she will not stop until she gets to do it.  She had been talking about building a snowman since we got to Truckee.  I wonder how many she would have made if we made her wait another day to build them.  Ha! Ha! 

On a side note, Jodie, a family friend was there with us.  She was visiting from England and introduced me to afternoon tea while we were in Truckee.  We drank hot cocoa instead of tea but it wasn't really about what we were drinking as much as just taking a few minutes to relax and visit with friends and family.  I LOVE afternoon tea!  Who wouldn't love something good to drink and a yummy little treat in the afternoon.  It was amazing how those 15 minutes affected the rest of my day.  I didn't experience my usual afternoon moodiness.  Ha!  Ha!  I plan on making this a tradition in our home.  :o)  Thanks Jodie!

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