Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Lost 10 Pounds!

I stepped on the scale this morning and my jaw dropped...I have lost 10 pounds!  Yay!  Thank you Jillian!

Today was the Bernal Ward Valentine Play Date.  It was so fun.  I am so glad we went.  We haven't been able to go to a Bernal Ward play date for a while for one reason or another.  Today there was a potluck lunch with lots of yummy food (I love Ela's Chicken Chili).  After lunch the kids played some games and decorated little bags to put their Valentine's in.  I loved watching Payton hand out her Valentine's.  She was so cute and so excited to give all of her friends little treats.  She would run right up to who she was giving her Valentine to and lean in close and say, "Happy Valentine's Day!".  She is such a sweet little girl.  Lincoln had a blast too.  My little man just toddled all over the blast.  He is so quick, I thought I was doing a good job at keeping an eye on him but there were a couple of times when I would look over to where he was and he would just be gone.  Yikes!  I need to put a leash on that boy.

Tonight I went to a Pampered Chef party at my friend Aimee's house.  I really like Pampered Chef things.  When I was going to school at BYU, my roommate had a bunch of Pampered Chef things and I remember really liking how they worked.  I would love to have a bunch of Pampered Chef stuff but it is so flippin expensive.  :o)  I will just have to add things piece by piece.  Tonight I got some of their measuring items.  Since I have started "Making the Cut" I have been measuring EVERYTHING.  I know it seems silly to be excited for measuring cups and spoons but I can't help it.  :)  I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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Sara said...

That is Awesome!!!! You have been working so hard, your deserve to see the big 10 gone. I totally envy you right now. ;) I need to pick your brain about the system you used. I just hate tracking food, and feel deprived all day when I do. You've inspired me to keep at it!