Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am so embarassed but at the same time can not stop laughing.  My sister and I have a very weird sense of humor when it comes to passing gas.

I am not sure if pregnancy wreaks havoc on anyone else's system but for my sister and I, it is insane.  Poor Dave came into marriage believing that girls never passed gas.  When I was pregnant with Payton I got the "Are you kidding me?" look almost every day.  With Lincoln he just pretended like he never heard or smelled anything, all the while I am trying to contain my laughter.

Anyway, I have been going to the Chiropracter because of my back.  Usually when I go it is just my mom and I there.  Today all the tables were full (instead of taking his patients to private rooms he just has one big room with three tables).  While he was adjusting me he was doing the adjustment where he twists your top half opposite your bottom half.  Well, when he pushed down to adjust me I passed gas...loudly...there was no pretending it didn't happen.  The lady on the next table was very chatty and commented, "Oh, that sounded delicious." 

Mortified!  As soon as it happened I my face flushed and I broke into a sweat.  I think laughter is more just a way to deal with the volume of embarassment I am experiencing.  I was barely able to contain my laughter until I walked out the door.  I immedeately texted my sister the story.  She texted back that she couldn't stop laughing either. 

I may have to change chiropractors...