Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

These pictures were actually taken yesterday after church.  Not to bad considering it is nearly impossible to get a picture of either of them looking at the camera these days.

Today we had my friend Aimee and her two boys over for a play date.  We had such a great time!

Look at what my sister caught them doing...Ha! Ha!  Reading books on Payton's Nook.  Isn't is cute how they are all huddled around the Nook?  I am so glad that my sister was able to capture this.  They had no idea she was even taking their picture.

Aimee and I cut up a bunch of hearts and hid them around the front room while the kids were playing (or reading) and then had them hunt for the hearts.  So simple yet so entertaining.  :o) 

We had heart shaped grilled cheese sandwhiches for lunch with fishy crackers and grapes.  I think grilled cheese sandwhiches are Payton's favorite lunch.  That is what she asks for everyday.

After lunch we made heart shaped rice crispy treats.  The kiddos decorated them for their daddy's, while sampling the toppings and a number of rice crispy treats as they did.  It was so cute, they just couldn't help themselves.

Visiting with Aimee was so nice.  We used to hang out or talk almost everyday when we shared a backyard fence and now I feel like I never see her.  I miss her!

For dinner I found an idea for heart shaped Calzones.  So I decided to try and make them.  Overall they were pretty good but not sure they were worth all the effort.  Maybe for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day but definately not to repeat as one of our regular meals.  Anyway, everybody said they were yummy.  :)

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Sara said...

ok, you have the share the rice krispie recipe. Those look adorable and yummy!
So glad you got to meet up with an old friend. Sometimes I miss the apartment days just becuase of those awesome friendships you make with your neighbors.