Friday, February 18, 2011

Gym Compliment

This morning when I was at the gym on of the regular guys came up to me and said, "You remind me a lot of my wife when you work out, perfect form and core, core, core."  What a nice way to start off the day.  :o)

Dave and I had planned to leave for Truckee for the weekend when he got home from work.  However, with the weather being so bad and with road closures we decided not to go until the next morning.  It was a good thing we decided to wait.  When Dave got home from work he came into the family room and asked, "When did the leak start?"  I said, "What?"  He said, "There is a leak right above the slider door to the atrium."  Sure enough there was a leak and it had warped the door trim, leaked down through the track and all over the floor.  If that wasn't bad enough there was water leaking from the light switch to the side of the door and running down the wall into the electrical socket.  Yikes!

Where in the world is the leak coming from?  Where do you even start looking?

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Sara said...

I would have hugged that guy! hah hah (kidding, but almost!)

Hope you got the leak fixed! We dealt with the exorcist kitchen drain two nights ago. It was not pretty. Got to love home ownership!!