Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Day

This month my visiting teaching routes were changed as well as my visiting teaching companion.  Today was my first day out with my new companion, Julie, to visit a couple of our new sisters.  I had planned on leaving Payton and Lincoln at home with my mother but unfortunately she got sick with the flu.  Let me just say that there must have been a full moon because it was like they were on something.  At first they were really good but as the first visit went on and the second visit started they became harder to handle.  They were all over  the place, I couldn't keep them corraled to the same room while holding a conversation.  The screaming, the fighting over toys...I was so tired by the time we were done with our visits and also a little embarassed.  Why oh why couldn't they have been perfect angels.

I was going back and forth about whether to head over to the Bernal Ward Play Date or just go home and put them to bed.  I ended up being a little selfish and went to the play date.  I wanted adult conversation and wanted them to burn energy running around.  The play date was at the ward building because of the rain.  For the most part I think they really enjoyed themselves.  And they did burn energy!

Tonight as I was making dinner Lincoln was toddling around the kitchen just minding his own business.  When all of a sudden he walks over to the drawer we keep the placemats in, opens it, takes a placemats and throws them up on the table.  He did it over and over again.  He was trying to set the table.  How cute is that?

Later on when I was putting some laundry in the laundry basket he walked over and started helping me do that too.  What a helpful little boy he is turning out to be.  :o)

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Sara said...

My little guys seemed to always be like that when I went to VT. (my sisters have no kids in the home) and so I just had to decide for my sanity, not the bring them along anymore. I always left feeling frazzled instead of the spirit. ;)