Friday, March 11, 2011

Play Date at My House!

After weeks of mismatched schedules and sick kiddos we finally had our "Gilroy" Play Date here in San Jose.  Hooray!  I was so happy when it turned out to be such a beautiful day.  My mom and I thought it would be fun to have some games planned.  GAME ON!

The first game we played was actually a race across the backyard.  Each child got a big spoon and a cotton ball that they had to keep on the spoon the whole time.  Turned out to be fun but a real challenge at the same time.  Where did that wind come from.  LOL

Our next game was supposed to be a contest to see who could keep their balloon off the ground the longest.  However, we thought with the wind and such it might be better to see who could kick their balloon across the backyard the fastest.  Who knew that the balloons would unpredictably pop when in contact with the grass?  These balloons have outlasted three children using them as one of those balls you bounce on for days but touch the grass and POP!  So on the the next idea, Red Light Green Light.

This picture is the start of a very exciting game of Red Light Green Light.  :o)

Red Light!  (When Payton and I play together I always do a funny pose when she says "Red Light", hence the way I am standing.)

We also did a bean bag toss into different sizes of laundry baskets/storage bins. 

Since everyone was all together we took the opportunity to take a group picture.  This picture is of all the kiddos in age order from youngest to oldest.  We actually got all the kids to at least look up.  Yay!  What you don't see is one person taking a picture and four others singing and dancing around behind the person taking the picture in an effort to get everyone to look up.  Should of got a picture of that!  Ha!  Ha!

Benjamin, Lincoln, Dylan, Caeden, Sadie, Payton, Gage, and Rayne (Not pictured, Charolette.  She was napping.)

I think we all had a great time!  Success!

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