Sunday, March 27, 2011


Called the Animal Hospital this morning to check up on Lucaya.  No real change.  Medication was helping with her discomfort and she was sitting up and alert.  Told me to call back later in the afternoon to talk with the original doctor that had admitted her.

Went to church.  Very emotional.  I don't want her to be in pain.  Am I going to have to put her down?  If not, what is her quality of life going to be?

Get home from church and call the doctor.  She says that Lucaya is showing a LITTLE bit of improvement.  That she looks to be regaining color in her paw and is moving her leg a little although still not putting wieght on it.  She told me that I could come in and visit her and that maybe we could get her to eat.

My mom, sister, and I went in to visit her.  The cat we saw was very alert and even hobbling around a little.  Not at all like she had been the night before.  My mom, sister, and I commented that this is not an animal you would look at and think to put to sleep.  The doctor said that I could probably take her home in the morning.  I was feeling really good.  As long as she wasn't going to be in pain and just gimpy I was OK with that.

Left the hospital feeling relieved. And went home to figure out how to make our home ADA compliant for a disabled kitty.  :o)  As we were still unsure about whether she would regain full or partial use of her leg.

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