Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Payton and I made brownies today.  I will be honest, I wanted a brownie with my frozen yogurt and I know Payton loves to "help out" in the kitchen.  :o) 

Yes, I let her lick the beater.  Every kid has to do it at least once.  ;O)

Viola, a 140 calorie brownie bite.  Not really low calorie but yummy just the same.

On to my workouts...I want a workout buddy so bad.  My sister is fizzling out on me.  It is so much more fun working out with someone than it is working out alone.  I have had workout buddies before but most only last for a few days to a week and then never come again.  Am I that bad?  I have even tried changing when I work out.  Early mornings not good for you?  No problem, let's workout after work.  But still it only lasts about a week.

I guess I am just destined to workout alone.  At least Jillian is there for me.  LOL

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Dave said...

they were awesome, too!