Friday, March 25, 2011

Craft Night

The Bernal Ward Craft Group was at my house tonight.  There was a nice group that came and I had so much fun visiting with eveyone there. 

I wish I was talented enough to be able to visit and complete a craft at the same time.  Ha! Ha!  I have the same problem when I get together with my friends in Gilroy for Crafty Lady Night.  I think of all the time I have gone I have only ever completed two things.  My nursing cover and addressing and putting stamps on my Christmas cards (is that even a craft?).  Tonight I watched my friends make a necklace, needle work, scrapbook, and put together quiet books for church.  Where is my ability to multitask?  The only thing I multitasked was talking and snacking.  LOL

Maybe I just need to plan better.  Let's see how I do at Crafty Lady Night in Gilroy next Wednesday.

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Sara said...

I've learned over the year that I can only accomplish smaller focused projected at craft night. Something I can do with my hands but my mind is free to chat! Oh and don't forget you helped me with my project at the end...and were the host!