Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gingerbread House

Yes, you heard me right, Gingerbread House.  We bought this gingerbread house kit for Christmas and just never got around to putting it together. 

The kit was set aside and forgotten.  Some how Payton found it and asked if we could put it together.  Unfortunately, everytime we thought about it it was time for bed...After weeks of asking we finally did it.

Lincoln was happy to help out too, especially when daddy kept squirting frosting on his finger.  Ha!  Ha!

Payton was so excited, the whole time we were working on it. When she gets really excited about something she talks and talks and talks.  You get a play by play of what is happening or of what will be happening.   It was so cute! 

She was even more excited to start eating it.  :o)

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