Monday, September 12, 2011

An Awesome Day. So Far...

Today has been pretty alright.  We didn't have anywhere to go today.  Awesome!  For the most part crying, whining, and fighting has been to a minimum.  :o)

Today we started doing a little "schooling" at home.  Payton has shown a lot of interest in writing lately.  She can now write her name without having to copy it!  Amazing!  Anyway, I asked her if she wanted me to teach her how to write a new letter every day.  She was very excited about that.  I figured that while she was learning to write Licoln could be learning to recognize the same letters.

I gave each of them their very own three ring binder with paper in it and each their very own special pencil.  Payton chose a Dora pencil and Lincoln chose a baseball pencil.  For Payton I showed each step to making the letter on a different line so that she could practice each step of writing the letter a few times.  We are going to work on both the "big" (uppercase) and "little" letters (lowercase).  She did great!  Lined paper doesn't reall seem to mean much to her right now but she was successful in writing the upper and lowercase "a" several times.  To give her incentive to keep trying I told her that when she completed a line she got to put a "good job" sticker at the end of it.  I didn't get a picture of her with her first sheet but I will try and get one tomorrow with her "b" page.

Lincoln did great as well.  He needed a little more encouraging than Payton did.  Ha! Ha!  For him I wrote the upper and lowercase "a" at the top of the page.  Then I put the "a" in a grouping of three letters like c a t and tried to have him point to the letter "a".  After a few minutes of trying different things we tried having him put a sticker on the letter "a".  That worked!  I had four groupings for the uppercase "a" and four groupings for the lowercase letter "a".  Probably should do less groupings to match up with his attention span.  :o)

After "school" we read a couple of books and then went outside to play.  I pulled out the water table, they were so funny to watch.  Payton has always climbed up into the water table to play in it instead of standing on the side and playing.  Lincoln has followed her example and now does the same.

Lincoln is learning or perfecting his skill at pouring liquids.  He goes from pouring the water into another container, then to pouring it on his head, and finally to Payton "helping" him pour it on his head.  Ha!  Ha!  What was really funny was when he realized the water was cold.  :o)

I love this picture!

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Cassy said...

SO cute! I never thought to get Dylan involved in what Rayne is doing school wise, but what an awesome idea!