Sunday, September 11, 2011

Second Sunday

Dinner at my parent's house tonight for our monthly second Sunday family dinner.  I just love it when I do not have to come up with and then prepare something for dinner.  Ha!  Ha!

My job was desserts.  I made brownies and rice crispy treats.  Yummers!  Why do I volunteer for this kind of stuff?  I get all the leftovers.  Oh well, I guess I know what I will be having for breakfast tomorrow.  :o)  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  Sorry Jillian, we can't let all that go to watse.

The kids must of had a blast playing together.  They pulled out as many toys as they were allowed.  I tried to get a picture of the room before they started cleaning up but didn't get in there in time.  It would have been classified as a disaster area.

Payton had a little accident while we were there.  Gasp!  She made it to the bathroom but didn't get onto the potty in time.  :o(  I guess it is bound to happen once in a while.  I was pround of myself, I didn't get mad or raise my voice.  I just gave her a little bath and talked about heading to the bathroom when we first have to go instead of waiting until we have to go so bad that we can't make it.  I need to pay more attention to when she goes.  It seems like if I don't remind her she will go when she wakes up and then again before she goes to bed.  That girl is a camel, I don't know how she does it.  It must come from the Ahlgren side of the family. 

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Jessie said...

Can I come have breakfast at your house? :)

Sorry about the accident. We've dealt with far too many of those over the years--it's so easy to just get used to them knowing when they need to go, and then all of a sudden, they start having problems remembering... so frustrating. You sound like you did much better than I do, ha.