Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I had so much fun today.  It did start off a little rough with some tag team tantrums but turned around rather quickly and ended awesome.

We went down for a play date at Aimee's house in Gilroy.  Had a great time watching the kiddos play and visiting with friends.  They even had a couple of cream pies for dessert, stuck a candle in one of them, and sang Happy Birthday to me.  How cool is that?

The kids and I ended up staying at Aimee's house for a little while.  The kids watched a movie and we got to visit and catch up.  I just love our little chats!

The plan for the evening was to go to Olive Garden for dinner with the family.  I had intended on getting to the restaurant around 5:30 to hopefully save everyone from having to wait for a table.  But as usual I tried to fit too many things into too small of a time frame and ran late.  We ended up pulling into the parking lot of Olive Garden at 5:55 and having to wait an hour for a table.  As least we had plenty of time to visit.  :o)

Always gotta have one of these pictures in there.  :o)
 The kids had so much fun running up and down this little patch of grass in front of Olive Garden.  I am glad they are easily entertained.

Jen made my cake as usual and as usual she out did herself again.  She made a cake with all of my favorite things that I have been trying to avoid while watching the calories.  Ha! Ha!  Yup, I took Payton to the bathroom and when I came back there was this awesome cake on the table.

Loved the note!

It was a Chocolate Faustine Cake (my favorite) with brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and mint chocolate chip ice cream (Just kidding it was mint chocolate chip butter cream frosting.  Doesn't it look like ice cream).  I even asked her how she kept the ice cream from melting.  Heck our servers asked how she kept it from melting.  She set it out before our food came so that would have to look at it through the entire meal.  However, she didn't think how hard it would be for the little guys to sit and stare at it while eating dinner.  Ha!  Ha!  Lincoln wanted a cookie so bad.  You can see that he had already snuck a few pieces from the side of the cake.  When I stopped him he got down from his seat and walked all the way around the table to try and sneak some from the other side.  This was his face when he got caught.  He is so adorable!

The Happy Birthday song was well done!  It sounded so pretty, almost like we had a table full of professional singers.  :o)

I am so glad that the majority of our family is so close that we can all get together and celebrate birthdays and other fun things.

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