Monday, September 26, 2011

Dance Excitment

Payton came into our bedroom at a quarter to 7 this morning holding her dance leotard asking if she could put it on...What happened to my not before 7 rule?  :o)

She was so excited to go to her dance class.  One of those run through the door, see ya mom moments.  I am so glad she is having fun.

Say cheese!  Entertaining ourselves while waiting for Payton.  Ha!  Ha! 
This morning we made chocolate chip banana bread.  I am planning on taking it to a couple of the ladies I visit teach.  Let's see if it makes it out of the house. :o)

Lincoln added the ingredients.

Payton mixed it all up.  What a team!
Lastly, the pillow...

I put Payton down for "quiet time" and a while later had this prompting to check on her.  When I picked up the monitor I could see Payton doing something but couldn't tell what.  When I went back to her room I discovered that she had turned the little hole in her princess pillow into a big one and had pulled out about half of the pillows stuffing.

I remembered the wise words from my mother-in-law.  Take a picture before you react. 

When asked why she did that she responded, "I don't know."

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