Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Haircut and La Fondue

I got my hair cut!  Well, I got it trimmed.  Ha!  Ha!  You can barely tell that I did anything, I am just excited because it looks so much more healthy.  No split ends!  Yes!

I really liked the place I went.  I had heard of it through some friends of mine at a play group.  Both of the girls I know that went were happy with their hair cuts and were very excited about the price.  :o)  I decided to try it out for myself and I am so glad that I did.  The cut was only $15 dollars and the lady did exactly what I wanted.  Sweet!

Dave took me out for a special dinner at La Fondue for my birthday.  So much food!  All of it so good, but who are we kidding I am there for the chocolate.  Ha!  Ha!  We usually to the combination dinner.  You choose a cheese fondue, a salad, MEAT and how you want to cook it, and finally a chocolate fondue.  We decided to try the Mediterranean Cheddar for the cheese, it was really good.  Dave discovered that he liked the little pearl onions dipped in the cheese.  Hmmm.  My favorite was the bread and the apples.  The salads are always good and way huge.  We usually grill our meat but decided to shake things up and try a new way of cooking, so we boiled...I think we will stick to grilling.  It was OK, but so much better when grilled.  I did venture out a little and tried something new, not ostrich or alligator but I did try buffalo.  For the chocolate we got the milk chocolate with toffee bits in it.  Mmmmmm.  My favorite dippers were the bananas, strawberries, and rice crispy treats (I got seconds). :o)

The food was really good but I also had fun just hanging out and spending the evening with my hubby.  He is such an awesome guy!


Cassy said...

We love La Fondue! I think Chris needs to take me there :)

Sara said...

What fun birthday treats! I love La Fondue...but have never tried the toffee chocolate. That sounds REALLY good.

And for the record, I *thought* your hair looked really good yesterday...and was about to ask what gloss you use. Love the feeling of a fresh haircut. ( And $15 is a GREAT price!!) Glad that worked out.