Friday, September 9, 2011

Time Capsule?

My mom sent me a text the other day saying that they were cleaning out their shed and came across some boxes of mine.  She wanted to know when I could come and go through them.  So we made plans for me to come over with the kiddos after our Gilroy Play Date.  Ha! Ha! It was then that she told me that there were NINE boxes to go through.  Holy Crap! 

Today was the big day.  I told Payton that we were going to go on a treasure hunt.  Her eyes started to get big.  I told her that grandma had a bunch of boxes full of things that I had when I was little.  She was really interested to know if there was going to be anything in the boxes from when I was three...Because she is three.  Ha!  Ha!

Drove to mom's house, visited for a little while, ate some lunch, and started hauling in the boxes.  I guess the first box was taking me a little while to go through because mom walked in and asked if I was planning on spending the night.  :o)  I have to admit at being horribly slow at going through things like this.  I look through EVERYTHING.  The first box happened to contain my high school yearbooks and old journals.

Those journals are hilarious.  The first entry I read said that I was in love...I was TEN!  And don't even get me started on all the spelling errors I found.  Yeesh!

Several hours later I had gotten the 9 boxes of crap, I mean memorabilia, down to 2.  It was so funny and I told my mom that she made me feel guilty for wanting to get rid of some of my old things.  

Some of the treasures found today were my yearbooks, journals, Cabbage Patch Kid Collection, Pound Puppy, and Popple.  Good Times!

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