Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Play Date at the Park

I have to admit that yesterday started off great but then ended horribly (there were screaming kids and I am not quite sure how we got to where we did).  It was amazing how different Monday was from Tuesday.  Last night I was a little nervous about what today would bring.  Fortunately, my luck was back and we had another great day.

Lincoln put his pants on all by himself!  They were his pajama pants and they were on backwards but he got them on all by himself.  I was surprised and excited.

The battle every morning is trying to get Lincoln dressed.  He just wants to spend each and every day in his pajamas.  This morning was no different.  I decided instead of battling right away I would let him run around in his pj's while I finished getting ready.  A few minutes after he had put on his pants and I had gone back into my bathroom to get ready I hear Payton talking to him and asking him what he wanted to where.  Next thing I know Payton is dressing Lincoln and there is no complaining.  Funny how that worked.  Maybe that can be one of Payton's responsibilities.  Ha!  Ha!

We spent what seemed like the majority of our awake day at Los Paseos Park.  I almost didn't go today because of how yesterday turned out but with some convincing from Dave I went ahead and took them.  They had a great time.  Payton is so fun to watch, running all over the park with her friends.  Lincoln is fun to watch too but he definitely scares me sometimes.  He loves following Payton around and I will catch him climbing on the big playground equipment.  He just seems too little to be climbing up some of that stuff or going down some of those bigger slides.  The boy has no fear.

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