Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Hike

Dave's parents invited us to go on a little Labor Day Hike in the Santa Theresa Hills this morning.  Exciting times!

A couple of years ago I bought one of those kid backpack thingys at a Las Madres garage sale.  I saw it and it was $8, what a steal!  This is the first time we have used it and it works great!  Both kids LOVED being in it.

Lincoln got to ride first.  We walked from Ralph and Michelle's house to the trail head (maybe a 1/2 mile) and Payton let us know that she was done walking and wanted to ride in the backpack carrier.  I thought, "Oh boy, this is going to be a long hike."  We continued on and came to a point where we could make a choice to go on the lower trail or the higher trail.  In one breath Payton said, "I don't want to walk anymore, let's take the higher trail."  To which I said, "Wait!  What?"  We all ended up taking turns carrying Miss Pay Pay until it was her turn in the backpack carrier.  Ha!  Ha!

In an effort to divert Payton's attention away from the walking we started looking for animals and other cool things.  We saw wild turkeys (right above the trees above my head).

A funnel spider.

And a mommy and baby deer.

When we got about half way we switched Lincoln out of the carrier and put Payton in.  Lincoln does what he always does and started running.  He is a fast little guy.  I think he would have run all the way back to the house if we would have let him.  
So Payton cried because she wanted to be carried and Lincoln cried if we picked him up.  We just couldn't win.
Some parts of the trail were just too steep and Lincoln was trying to run straight down them.  When we would try and hold his hand or pick him up he would start squealing.  He sounded like a wild pig.  It was pretty funny.

Next time I think we should try Lincoln walking first so he can burn all his energy running up the hill and then Payton can walk the down hill portion of the hike.

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