Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aunite Kaye and Uncle Bill

Today we got to see Auntie Kaye and Uncle Bill.  I love going to visit them and hearing about what they have been up to as well as sharing what we have been up to.  Their place is always so peaceful too.
They invited us over for swimming and dinner.  Payton has all of a sudden become a lot more confident in the water.  I think these floaties we just got called Puddle Jumpers have made the difference.  She was all over the pool.  Lincoln is too small for them yet but he had fun swimming around with his daddy.  :o) 
Aunt Kaye and Uncle Bill have a little dog named Christina and Lincoln just loved her to pieces.  He was tossing a ball to her, playing with her through a glass door, and trying to nuzzle up to her.  It was so cute and Christina was so patient. 

Auntie Kaye spoiled all the little ones with little dishes of ice cream before and after dinner.  Ha! Ha!  Payton loved it!
***If we can recover any photos or videos we will ost them later.***

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