Monday, August 15, 2011

San Clemente

It was cold today.  I never saw the sun; it was overcast the whole day.  Not at all what we expected, we expected to be hanging out on the beach all day.  Despite the cold, grey day we still had fun.  The kids and I played some games that we brought (A Dora Matching Game, Disney Princess Bingo, Dominoes), read books (spent a lot of time on a Look and Find book), and took a walk down to the swing set on the beach.

I had so much fun doing the Look and Find book with Payton.  She is pretty good at finding the items on the page.  However, on the tougher items she will give up after a couple of minutes.  I decided to show her what I do to find the items on the page.  I took my finger and went back and forth across the page from bottom to top until I found the item.  So I would move my finger and have her tell me when she found the item.  She was doing really well spotting the harder items but before long she decided she wanted to be the one to point her finger and I was suppose to tell her when I spotted the item.  Well, she does not move her finger back and forth from top to bottom, she randomly swirls her finger around the page in circles.  Also, she doesn’t move her finger slowly; she moves it quickly so by the time I say, “stop” she has gone way past the item.  Well, I started only saying the first part of the word when she would go over the item as if saying, “Ah, forget it”.  She cracked up every time I said anything.  We did this for a good 15 to 20 minutes.  I love hearing her laugh, it was great!
We went to IHOP for dinner.  It turns out kids eat free Monday through Friday from 4 to 10.  Sweet!  Lincoln was hilarious.  I got him the kids pancakes.  He had a pancake in each had and was just shoving them into his mouth.  It looked as though he hadn’t eaten for a week, so funny and so cute.  I got a little video of him.

***If we can recover any pictures or videos I will add them later.***

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