Friday, August 19, 2011

Payton Made a Friend

Today was a relaxation day.  We were all tired after our Disneyland adventure. 

We headed down to the beach to soak up sun and play.  As we were finishing setting up a little girl (Daisy) and her dad walked up and asked if we wanted to play with them.  I guess the family was on a vacation very similar to us and Daisy was dying to play with someone her age.  When she saw Payton walk up she asked her dad if they could come over and play.
So we spent the next few hours building a sand castle and collecting rocks to put on the sides of it.  During the few hours we got to meet Daisy’s mom, aunt, and grandpa as they all took turns coming over to watch Daisy.  The family was so nice and Payton and Daisy were so cute.  Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures of Daisy but we did get pictures of Linc, Payton, and I working on the castle.
After Daisy and her family left to go have dinner, Payton and I buried each other a little and made ourselves mermaids.

We all had a great time.  Only one scary part, I turned my head for one minute and Lincoln shot past me to go stand by Papa (who was standing in the water).  Lincoln got knocked on his butt and almost swept right out with the wave.  I am so glad Michelle saw him and that Ralph heard her yell and was so close to him.  Geez!  I keep seeing the scene when I close my eyes.  Scary!
***If we are able to recover any photos or videos we will post them later.***

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