Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Party

We had another Birthday Party!  Yay!  Today is Payton and Lincoln’s friend Alisha’s birthday party.  For her party they had everyone come in their swim suits and had a little wading pool, a slip and slide, and other sprinkler water toys.  They both had a great time!
Payton is so funny.  She found enjoyment scrubbing the sidewalk down with a scrub brush.  Yup, instead of running through the water or playing in the pool she would bring little bits of water to the sidewalk, dump it out, and scrub away.  While I thought she was pretending to be Cinderella she informed me that she was pretending to be Rapunzel and was actually painting the sidewalk.  Ha! Ha!  Whatever, it was cute.

Lincoln had fun eating watermelon and a lot of it.  He ate three huge wedges.  I have always given him little chunks and here he was eating it right of the wedge.  I had to take a picture because at one point he had set the watermelon on the table, grabbed the edge of the table with his hands, and dug in only using his mouth.  Again, whatever, it was cute.  Ha!  Ha! 

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