Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pajama Party

Everyone has told me that I need to take it easy and not over do it, so when Lincoln and Payton started throwing tantrums about getting dressed I decided that that was a battle I did not want to fight today.  I told them that we just wouldn’t go anywhere and we would spend the day doing what people do at Pajama Parties.  Ha!  Ha!  What do people do at Pajama Parties anyway?

We built a fort.  The mother of all forts.  It took up the whole family room.  It had three kid entrances and one mommy one.  :o)  It included a Little Tikes Climb/Slide thing, a kid play tent, two tunnels, two big blankets, TV trays, and some hand weights to hold things together. 
Payton and Lincoln spent a while climbing in, out, and through it, then we read a couple of books in it, and finally finished with eating lunch in it.  Over all I think it was a success.
Payton has been fighting taking naps.  Grrrrrr.  Today was no different.  I had put Payton and Lincoln down for their naps and was getting ready to sit and relax when I hear the pitter patter of little feet.  I found Payton running down the hallway.  She had changed her clothes…She was wearing all pink and a pair of my socks that has the lotion in them.  When she saw me she said, “Mommy, how cute am I?”  Ha! Ha!  "Very."

***If we can recover any photos or videos I will add them later.***

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