Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Hollow

Jen and I headed over to Happy Hollow today. 

There were lots of fun parts to the day like Payton going on the Jumping Frog for the first time.  She liked it when watching it from the ground but not so much while riding on it.  Ha!  Ha!  This picture was actually taken before it dropped the first time.

Then there was Lincoln who all of a sudden has extreme separation anxiety and cried the whole time he was on the car ride.    He has the best sad face.  Ha!  Ha!

But I really loved watching Payton on the playground.  She walks up to random kids, asks their name, and starts playing with them.  It makes me remember not that long ago when I was so worried about her being so shy.  That is totally not the case anymore.  She met a girl named Claire and they played together for a good 45 minutes running around, climbing, jumping off of equipment, etc.  I am surprised they didn’t hug when we left.

The other thing that I thought was super funny was when Payton, Caeden, and Lincoln were in the little cave looking at the Meerkats.  Payton turned around to come out and said, “Mom, can we go look for another cave of wonders?”  So cute! 

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