Monday, November 22, 2010

Payton helps make dessert.

Payton, Lincoln, and I took a little walk down to the grocery store yesterday to pick up some odds and ends.  While there I found these little individual graham cracker crusts and thought Payton would have a blast making little pies for everyone.  She is so into helping lately.

Boy was I right.  She loved it.  We put chocolate pudding in the crusts and topped it with cool whip and sprinkles.  I ended up making Dave and mine from a separate pudding source because she wanted to make sure the spoon was "clean" by licking it off each time she put it back in the pudding to scoop out more to go into the pie.

The funniest part came when doing the sprinkles.  I handed her the bottle of sprinkles at the same time I heard Dave come through the front gate.  I walked to the door to open it and by the time I turned around she had opened the bottle and emptied all the spinkles onto her little pie and had begun eating them.  Boy she is quick.

Her masterpiece!

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