Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Payton locked Rumba in the hutch.

So I was sitting in the family room and I heard a scratching sound.  Actually it kind of sounded like the cats playing with something on the floor.  I thought to myself, one of them probably found a ribbon or something and is flinging it around the kitchen and didn't think any more about it.

A little while later I hear a muffled meow.  I thought, "Did one of the cats get themselves shut in the closet again."  Then.  Stop.  The meow is coming from the hutch.  I look at Payton and say, "Did you lock Rumba in the Hutch?" To which she replied, "Yes. Yes, I did."  So matter of factly.

Laughing and shacking my head I go over to the hutch and let Rumba out.  She not only shut him in but turned the wood piece and locked him in.  Luckily he wasn't in there for very long...I think.

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